Long time, no see

12 Nov


I completely forgot about this blog – clearly.

Much has happened in the past two years. Notably, I competed in my first NPC competition in May, 2015 in the Bikini Division. It was such a great experience that I’m considering doing it again in 2016. In fact, there is so much I’d like to do it’s a matter of what I want to do first because I just don’t have the time!

I’ll try to keep this up to date because it has been a struggle staying on top of things in my post-competition life and I need some accountability again.

Until then – If anyone is still reading!


Hiatus is over, I’m back to blogging

25 Oct

Hey friends!

Needless to say, life happened and I fell off the blogging bandwagon. I fell off a lot of bandwagons, actually. Namely, the relationship bandwagon. As well as the lifting bandwagon – which is really not a wagon at all and is the most disappointing. It hasn’t all been a fail these past months though. For example, I did jump out of an airplane in the meantime and I honestly think I may have found a passion in it. If not a passion, then an extremely intense curiosity. I’ve been thinking about and researching it ever since I jumped at the end of August! I also hiked my first 14’er in Pike’s Peak. That was an amazing, empowering experience. I’ve also upgraded my job and am working for a really awesome company that presents me with many opportunities.

All in all, I’m doing pretty damn awesome and have upgraded my life as a whole since I last updated. The only piece of the puzzle that’s missing is where I envision myself physically. I’m ready to get back on that horse though. The rest (ahem, relationships) can wait 🙂 My cardio is up and better than when I was writing before, since all I’ve been doing is running! Unfortunately, shin splints have sidelined me for most of this month. My diet is coming into it’s own and I’m just taking baby steps towards my goals. I feel determined enough now to begin documenting it again!

So, without further adieu, the train to badassery has left the station once again.

Progress pics

7 May

I suppose I can post my progress so far. I’m kind of considering them my “before” pictures because I have a LONG way to go, in my eyes, but I’m very pleased with where I’m at! I’ve been fortunate enough to be healthy and active and that’s something to always be thankful for 🙂


And just for a refresher, this is what I’m aiming for!

Now introducing, my triceps

3 May

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you my newborn triceps. They have finally made an appearance and I am SO happy to finally meet them!!

Gah, I deleted the image because I did not want the reader to spam a photo of me across the feed! Here is the link to my baby tri’s: https://sarah906.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/050220131368.jpg

Now, that may be a terrible pic, angle, etc, they may not even be that impressive to you, dear reader, but dammit, they are there. I can see them. For someone like me, who has been skinny and “weak” her whole life, these are incredible times!

That is all 🙂

Shin splints & shoes

2 May

Lately I’ve been experiencing shin splints so I’ve been taking it easy on the running. Which is extremely inconvenient and frustrating. Running is a little like therapy to me and just makes everything better.

Who am I kidding? It’s not like I was going to run in the snow anyway. Yes – Colorado blessed us with snow yesterday. I’m from the north so snow in May really is nothing new, but it sure was unwelcome. I’m ready for sunshine & summer!

Anyway, I am thinking my shin splints are directly related to running 6 miles on a treadmill (have I ever mentioned how much I despise treadmill running?) and the fact that my shoes are over a year old. Time to get a new pair, I’d say. Anyone have any suggestions? I am a big proponent of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” but sorry Brooks, your Adrenaline GTSes just don’t come in the fun, bright colors that I want in my next pair of running shoes.

I want something more like these: ImageExcept not Nike Frees.. because they don’t offer enough support for me. What to do?

What do you wear? Link me your kicks!

Also, if you have any cures for shin splints please pass them on. I’ve been icing and ibuprofen’ing and it seems to be helping, but we’ll see when I go for a run again tomorrow.

First 10k down

25 Apr

Hey all. Sorry for the absence, again!

I’ve not fallen off the bandwagon though, my seat is permanent.

Saturday I checked out a local gym, Max Fitness, and really liked what I saw. They were really cool about showing me around, gave me a free week trial and have quite a bit of fun classes that I’m really interested in. I’m also VERY interested in their Synergy machine!

Synergy Machine

Photo courtesy of Max Fitness, Colorado Springs

They have a 6 week challenge going on soon that I’m probably going to participate in. My goal will be to do a pull-up and work on my long distance running for my half-marathon, July 4th!

Speaking of running, I reached a goal I set on New Year’s yesterday, run a 10k. I don’t know why I picked April 23rd to accomplish it by, but April 23rd rolled around and I hadn’t done it yet so off I went. Did it on a treadmill, no less! And I loathe running on treadmills.

But I did it! Boom

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Manitou Incline

11 Apr

Dun dun dun.

We climbed the Incline this Monday, right before the cold snap hit Colorado.

It was hard but incredibly motivating and fulfilling. It’s definitely going to become a regular part of my workout routine! My glutes and hammys were definitely feeling it! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Manitou Incline

Long way up!

Manitou Incline

Trail getting sketchy

Manitou Incline

Made it to the top!

Manitou Incline

Paul & I

Manitou Incline

Barr Trail on the way down


Total Time: 1:15:00
Elevation Climb: 2,200 ft in less than a mile


I love this state.